How To Make Milk Chocolate at Home

Hello guys

today i am going to tell you that how to make milk chocolate at your home.

So lets start

Ingredients to Make Milk Chocolate

1.Coco powder [half cup]
2. Powder sugar [half cup]
3.Milk powder [half cup]
4. Butter [one cup]

Follow the steps to make the chocolate

Step1 – mix the dry incredints

like-coco pouder,pouder suger and milk pouder

Step2 – open the stok and on it put a stok safe boul ,put in a cup of water and boil it

Step3 – when the water is boiling put a glass boul on it

Step4 – put butter in the glass boul when the butter is comelettly meltid then put the dry

Step5 – then mix it

Step6 – so the mixture is ready put the mixture in the moulds you dont have moulds so put the mix in the ice cube tray

Step7 – put the mouldsin the frige for about 3 to 4 haours

Step8 – serve it and enjoy

thanks for seeing my recipes

I hope you like my recipe.

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